[aiba] jacket and back

Thank you :)

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mikan_atama is now closed. Thank you for everyone who's been supporting even until now. 77 members and 75 watchers, I'm really grateful :) This community will remain open for older archives, but there won't be any new entries.

Instead, I have a new place to share my works! Please head over to: felicitish for future graphics. That's a new community for my works :)

And for the meantime, a new wallpaper posted at felicitish :DD Click at the wallpaper to see the post.
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Once again, thank you very much :)
[aiba] jacket and back

#16 - wallpaper [2], header [1]

[2] Wallpapers featuring Arashi this time, and [1] header featuring Ohno because I had a Day in Our Life performance in Shounen Club Premium playing and Ohno's dance was amazingly sharp ♥

AND I miss working together with my Photoshop ;_____;, I'm glad I could find a way to finish this one ;DD


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[x] Credit is optional. If you still want to credit, credit mikan_atama.
[x] Textless versions for wallpapers are always available, please comment here with your preferred desktop resolution. Or if your screen resolution doesn't fit with any available versions above, you can also ask :)
[x] Feedbacks and questions are welcome :)

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[aiba] jacket and back

Arashi PV screencaps

This is the index page for all Arashi PV screencaps I took and uploaded. Everything will be in this format, otherwise indicated:
File compression: .zip
Image extension
: .png

22/4 - Nice na Kokoroiki, Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy, Kitto Daijoubu, Fight Song, Aozora Pedal, Kaze no Mukou e, Truth
 09/5 - A Day in Our Life, Believe, Hero, Jidai, Kumori Nochi, Kaisei, Lucky Man, One Love, PIKANCHI Double, We Can Make It!, Wish, and several mirror links

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+ Feel free to use them for anything.
+ Finally got MF mirror links! Credit for MF links (and one MU link for NnK) : shokim , thank you very much :)  *tackles with a bottle filled with sweets and fluffs and Sakurai*
+ Crediting me is nice, but not necessary.
+ Credits for RAW:last_of_days,sakuradanielle, and chaix2
+ Questions, feedbacks, anything, please direct them here :)
[aiba] jacket and back

#14 - icons, banner, wallpaper : assorted

Finally the time for me to icon is already back, it feels nice to icon again after playing with bigger graphics :) And it's my first time playing with this kind of coloring/texture, so it's just an experiment. Who knows :P

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// do not claim them as your own
// credit to your heart's content. If you do, please do not credit maiisaki , but credit mikan_atama instead
// if you have any question, or if you want another resolutions, or if you want me to put different text on them, just drop a comment here
// feedbacks are appreciated, strictly no hotlinking

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[aiba] jacket and back

#12 - mood theme : Aiba Masaki's 26th birthday

Actually I was a bit hesitated to post the mood theme, since there are already some mood themes shared in the community, but I've already finished it, and this definitely should not be a waste. And this is Aiba mood theme ♥ Happy Aiba birthday ♥♥♥

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//do not modify or even claim them as your own
//comments and critiques are appreciated
//please do not credit maiisaki , but credit mikan_atama  if using
//please direct all question about installing, etc to this post

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[aiba] jacket and back

#11 - wallpapers, banners, header : Ohno Satoshi's 28th Birthday

Advance Happy Birthday, Captain ♥

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//personal use only--other than that, please drop a comment
//textless versions of banners and headers can be modified, but please don't claim the base as yours.
//different texts and sizes are available, just ask :)
//credit and comment are appreciated
//no hotlinking or claiming them as your own

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[aiba] jacket and back

#10 - Wallpaper : Gyao, Arashi is Alive, Non-no, Boao, Popeye issues

Took me thousand years to finish them--I don't know what happened to myself *sobs*

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[x] Scans : arashi_yuuki , shanghaigirl
[x] Translation : capncosmo 

//personal use only--other than that, please drop a comment
//different sizes and texts are available, just ask :)
//comment and feedback are welcomed

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[aiba] jacket and back

#8 - Ryusei no Kizuna Promotion Batch

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[x] Scans: yuckie_chan @ arashi_yuuki , ashkt , jjkk1993 
[x] Textures, brushes, gradients: Resources list
[x] Special thanks: capncosmo (translation)

That's it. Ryusei no Kizuna's 2nd promotion batch. Sorry for the lack of icons, the wallpapers took longer than I expected and I was so absorbed in making them ^^;;;
The first batch has been uploaded here @ tishpaper , in case you haven't noticed. There're a lot of icons there, if you're craving for more icons :)